Born and raised in Greece, I have always had a passion for fashion and design. After honing my skills and establishing my unique style, I made the move to London to pursue my dream of creating my own brand. With a keen eye for minimal yet fashionable designs, I have built a small yet dedicated following of women who appreciate my timeless pieces that make them feel confident and stylish.

My journey in the fashion world began with two awards from the Athens Fashion Week, which gave me the courage to showcase my collections at both the Athens Fashion Week and the London Fashion Week Festival. These experiences have allowed me to share my vision with a wider audience and continue to grow as a designer.

I take great care in crafting each piece, ensuring that every detail reflects my commitment to creating timeless, minimal yet fashionable designs. I believe that every woman should feel confident and stylish when wearing my clothes, and I strive to achieve this through my work.

As I continue to grow and evolve as a designer, I am excited to explore new ideas and techniques, always seeking to improve and innovate within the fashion world. I look forward to sharing my passion for design with others and inspiring women to express their individuality through fashion.


Best New Designer Award 2016 Athens Fashion Week

Fashion Design Project Winner 2016 Athens Fashion Week